Slides / recordings of talks and presentations given by me

Date Name Organiser Description Link(s)
Dec 28, 2020 Career Guidance on ECE / EEE for KLE Technological University BVB IEEE Student Branch Interaction with KLETech students about EE-related career paths Slides
Dec 22, 2020 Hacking Your Career (with hardware, academics, research and open-source) IEEE NITK Chapter Insight on opportunities in Electrical Engineering Slides
Oct 10, 2020 Experimenting with Open ISAs OpenPOWER Developer Community Simulation with OpenPOWER Microwatt and Open-Source hardware projects Slides
Jul 30, 2020 Open ISAs, Hardware and Innovation Opportunities OpenPOWER Developer Community OpenPOWER ISA, cores and potential projects Slides
May 9, 2020 Embedded Systems and IoT - Moving Ahead ACM NITK Chapter For beginners to get started with IoT and Embedded Systems Slides
Jan 4, 2020 Conceptualization and Design of Remotely Accessible Hardware Interface (RAHI) Lab FICTA-2020 Paper presentation Slides